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Exclusive GeneLife Haplo CONNECT Features

Explore Shared DNA with potential relatives and discover Haplogroup Health Associations

Numerous Ancestry Features

Ethnic Mix

Migration Map

Prehistorical Ancestry

DNA Relatives Matching

Ancestral Japanese Family Name Lineage

Discover our ethnic mix through a carefully curated percentage chart that will reveal the various ethnic groups you belong to!

Check the list of ethnicities covered here

Get a view into how your ancestors moved thousands of years ago. (For female customers, since women do not have a Y-chromosome, it is not possible to identify paternal migrations.)

Discover if you share any DNA with the Jōmon or Neanderthal prehistorical people. (For female customers, since women do not have a Y-chromosome, it is not possible to identify paternal migrations.)

Found out any distant relatives through shared DNA and connect with your extended family! (Note participants need to be 18 years old or older.)

Uncover potential family name affiliations between your ancestors from Japan and haplogroups from ancient times. (Only available for customers with Japanese ancestry.)

Data Storage and Protection

Genesis Healthcare, a leading genetic testing provider in Japan, has conducted over 2.7 million tests, capturing a 72% market share in Japan (Fuji Kimera report, 2024).

With two decades of operation, it emphasizes secure storage, IT security, and customer privacy. By integrating data storage fees into its GeneLife CONNECT subscription, it enhances data protection and privacy, reaffirming its commitment to security.

Through an opt-in program, participants can share their anonymized genetic data and may be eligible for revenue-sharing arrangements or selected rewards. This acknowledges the significance of contributing to genomic research advancement and recognizes the participants for their valuable support.

Asian Ethnics Update

GeneLife Haplo CONNECT matches your DNA results against our reference panel comprised of a range of ethnic groups from Asia and around the world in order to estimate your ethnic composition. Not all ethnicities might fully be covered in our reference panel today and in such a case, the ethnic group would not be identified your results. However, we are continuously enriching our database to include more ethnic groups. We will also be adjusting your results from time to time based on the latest genetic research available.

Check the list of ethnicities covered here

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GeneLife Haplo CONNECT Kit Disclaimer

GeneLife is actively involved in genetic research and development across multiple domains and has been collaborating in joint research with the National Genetics Institute (NIG) in Japan for more than seven years. This test kit has been specifically developed for Asian populations, unveiling the ethnic origins and migration paths of your ancestors. Multiple sources of research and information have been reviewed and compiled in developing the content featured in this report.

As research and science evolves continuously, content might be updated and refreshed on a regular basis. This does not necessarily mean that the customer’s DNA has been changed, rather it should remain the same for the whole life. For some Y-DNA haplogroups, the migration information is less concordant compared to mtDNA haplogroup and migration routes. The prediction on place of origin, period time and distribution of the reported haplogroup are based on sources and current research and may vary based on advancement of research.

About the DNA Relatives Matching, the service includes an in-app messaging feature to interact with potential relatives. Note participants need to be 18 years old or older. As more people join the DNA Relatives Matching Program, participants will be able to view and connect with more relatives over time. Initially the number of relatives identified might be limited or none, depending on the origins of the participants. In addition, GeneLife has a high representation of participants from Japan, and people with East Asian ancestry might have more potential relatives identified as a result. This testing service is not intended for the purpose of forensic identification, DNA identification, or parent-child or blood relationship identification. For non-Asian participants, the identification of DNA Relatives Matching might be limited or none. Participants in GeneLife ancestry services are mainly from Japan, East Asia, and other parts of Asia.

About paternal migrations of ancestors, for female customers, since women do not have a Y-chromosome, it is not possible to identify paternal migrations.

About the ancestral Japanese family lineage, results for this service will only be available for customers with Japanese ancestry. For female customers, since women do not have a Y-chromosome, it is not possible to identify paternal haplogroups.

Please check the expiry date listed on the package. If the date has expired, GeneLife is unfortunately not able to perform the test and a new testing kit would need to be purchased. We suggest participants to return their samples within a few days of the reception of their testing kit.

GeneLife Haplo CONNECT follows the Guidance Document for the Provision of Non-Clinical Genetic Testing in Singapore.