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Welcome to GeneLife CONNECT, where genetic exploration meets accessibility. In collaboration with GeneLife, Japan's premier direct-to-consumer genetic testing brand, Genesis Healthcare Co. is proud to unveil an innovative service designed to connect individuals with their genetic heritage and empower them with valuable insights into their health.

Unveiling GeneLife CONNECT

GeneLife CONNECT redefines the genetic testing experience with its revolutionary approach. Say goodbye to hefty upfront testing fees – with GeneLife CONNECT, embark on your genetic journey through a convenient monthly subscription model. This groundbreaking service offers unparalleled accessibility, ensuring that genetic testing is within reach for everyone. Subscribers to GeneLife CONNECT gain access to a myriad of exclusive benefits tailored to wellness, and ancestry exploration.

Celebration of Humanity

As we commemorate DNA Day 2024, GeneLife reaffirms its commitment to celebrating humanity in all its diversity. Despite significant strides in genomic research, certain populations remain underrepresented in global studies. GeneLife aims to bridge this gap by fostering an inclusive genomic community and supporting research initiatives that benefit diverse populations worldwide.

GeneLife CONNECT Offerings

GeneLife CONNECT debuts with two distinct offerings: GeneLife Genesis CONNECT and GeneLife Haplo CONNECT. In Japan and Taiwan, Genesis CONNECT focuses on health prevention, while Haplo CONNECT delves into ancestry exploration. In Singapore, Haplo CONNECT is available in compliance with local genetic testing guidelines. Stay tuned as we expand our subscription portfolio to encompass additional testing services and introduce new features throughout 2024.

Data Security and Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. With over 2.7 million genetic tests conducted and a 72% market share in Japan, Genesis Healthcare boasts a legacy of trust and reliability. Our robust IT security measures ensure that your genetic data remains secure at all times. By incorporating data storage fees into the GeneLife CONNECT subscription, we reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and protecting your sensitive information.